Title: My Beloved Has Exquisite Feet
Author: mrs260
Series: DS9
Rating: PG
Codes: G/B
Summary: Julian contemplates his hopes for an evening with Garak.
Disclaimer: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is the property of Paramount. This story, written in 2018, never has been and never will be sold.
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My Beloved Has Exquisite Feet
by mrs260

He first started thinking about the possibilities when Garak wore maroon boots that matched his outfit. So many men only wore black or brown boots, but Garak could be counted on to appreciate the value of advertising.

Julian knew that Garak's feet were quite human-looking, though grey and with small ridges on either side of the tendon of his heel. He'd never touched them, let alone with the kind of care and desire he hoped Garak might permit tonight.

Garak had invited Julian to join him for the evening. Perhaps it might end in Garak taking off those enticing boots, removing his socks, and enjoying himself as Julian explored his insteps and arches with gently stroking fingers.