Favorite Garak/Bashir Story Links

This is meant to be something more detailed than a links page, but not so formal and detailed as a recs page. I've collected as many of my favorite G/B story links as possible here, to keep them handy for myself and to point other G/B fans to stories I've liked over the years.

If you're an author or archivist who doesn't want stories direct-linked, please let me know.

Stories archived at Archive of our Own

Letters From The Northern Continent, by The Hoyden. Mature. A long-ish post-series story in which Julian is on Cardassia, half a world away from Garak. One of the most recommended stories in the fandom at this point!

Time Out of Mind, by misereremolly. Mature. Julian is thrown back in time to a diplomatic conference. And who should he spot across the ballroom but a young Elim Garak... I absolutely love this and I wish there were zillions of stories with this premise.

In the Minutiae by Lion-owl. Teen. Garak POV around the events of In Purgatory's Shadow/By Inferno's Light. Garak notices. This is a great exploration of how and why he makes certain decisions about noticing.

The Moment of Truth, by Crowdog (aka Prairiecrow). Teen. Crowdog is a prolific and consistently excellent author, and I feel safe in recommending pretty much anything she's written. This particular story explores Julian's feelings surrounding Garak's "death" in the Dominion simulation during The Search, Part 2.

Stories archived at Cardassia Sutra

Cardassia Sutra, by Arcady. NC-17. Alien sex. (20 Kb)
Red Satin Ribbons, by Heather Cook. NC-17. Sweet story with poetry. (37 Kb)
Haute Cuisine, by Hannah RH. PG-13. Incredibly sensual use of food. One of my early G/B influences. (22 Kb)
On Top, by Invicta. NC-17(ish). Fun wrestling story with sex talk as a distraction technique. (16 Kb)
Green Silk, by Kathryn Ramage. PG. This is what got me into G/B. (14 Kb)
Mr. Garrick Resumes The Stage, by Kathryn Ramage. PG. Lovely, elegant story of time travel and mistaken identity. (45 Kb)

Stories archived at Strange Fits of Passion (Accessed using the Wayback Machine)

Peace on Earth, by Olivia Monteith. PG-13. Garak and Bashir as married couple, enduring the O'Briens as houseguests. (52 Kb)
Let Me Call You Sweetheart, by Olivia Monteith. No rating on the piece, but I'll say NC-17. Another in Olivia's Peace On Earth series: how Garak and Bashir became romantically involved. Olivia thinks the end is too sentimental, but the extremely hot exploration scene more than makes up for a bit of mush. :0) (103 Kb)
Interspecies Encounter, by CGR. No rating given. A sharply written lunch conversation. (15 Kb)
Bitter Heart, by CGR. R. Cardassian death rituals in a Dominion prison camp. Dark but beautiful. (1 Kb)
Especially The Lies, by Kathryn Ramage. PG. Garak tells tales of his true love. (16 Kb)
The Thread of Truth, by Kathryn Ramage. PG. Sequel to Especially The Lies. (17 Kb)
Damage Control, by Kathryn Ramage. PG. Garak and Bashir deal with the senior staff after Bashir is injured during Cardassian-style sex. (25 Kb)
The Mid-day Meal That Dare Not Speak Its Name, by Kathryn Ramage. PG. Everyone knows Garak and Bashir are involved. Except Bashir. :0) (12 Kb)
Nothing We Can't Cure, by Karmen Ghia. NC-17. Garak gets the alien clap from a trader. (40 Kb)
The Pleasure Of His Company, by a lot of us. :0) Various ratings. A round robin in hypertext, organized by Karmen Ghia. Various lengths.
Plaid Adder's G/B series: One of my strongest early G/B influences. All are PG or PG-13 except Langue D'Amour, which is R. All are fairly long, 5 or 6 acts, except Working Lunch, which is labelled short. Everything except Langue D'Amour has links to the next part; I've provided links for each part of that one.
Sigh No More
New to Thee
Working Lunch (short)
I Never
The Chair
The Horror, The Horror
Langue D'Amour Prologue, Act I, Act II, Act III, Act IV, Act V

Stories archived at the Garak/Bashir Fuh-q Fest

The Weeds In Your Heart, by Mosca. "A weak and half-assed NC-17." A wistful and tender story in which Bashir finds his home on Cardassia. (24 Kb)
XXX, by Elaine. A fan art rec; unusual for me. :0) NOT work safe. My favorite piece of art from the GBFF so far.
Condemnation, by Elizabeth Helena. NC-17. I see this as an exploration of both Garak's and Bashir's moral limits. (91 Kb)
You Can Be Me When I'm Gone, by Empty Fox. R. A what if in which Garak ends up with the Dax symbiont. (79 Kb)
Sonata, by Elizabeth Helena. Mild R. This is what I rec to non-G/B fans who might be recruitable. :0) (20 Kb)

Stories archived at Trekiverse

Acts of Kindness, by J. A. Chapman. G. A subversive Cardassian fable. (21 Kb)
Frightfully Fun, by Olivia Monteith. PG-13. The first in Olivia's Peace On Earth series: Married to Julian, Garak experiences a weird Earth holiday called Halloween. Makes me crack up every time. (12 Kb)
Hearts 'N' Reptiles, by Tany Z. NC-17. Delavian chocolates with a very special filling. (17 Kb)
In The Closet, by Fred, Lover of Wesley's Ass. NC-17. Kink and bdsm. Hilarious satire; something to squick most sexual tastes. Frighteningly hot at the same time. :0/ (18 Kb)
Sins of Emission, by Arcady. NC-17. Alien sex story; much more serious treatment than Cardassia Sutra by the same author. (18 Kb)
Deja Jules, by Invicta. NC-17. Julian revisits an old skill. I like this one for the plot more than the dialogue: the voices are a little off, but the story is lovely. (123 Kb)
Swimming Against The Tide, by Invicta. PG. A Christmas story in which Julian hates Christmas. Ideal for reading just after you've returned from the mall. :0) (27 Kb)
Every Picture Tells A Story, by Yavanna. NC-17. After Julian reluctantly agrees to model nude for Dax's art class, he receives an anonymous portrait as a gift. (66 Kb)
Interspecies Courtship Rituals, by Kathryn Ramage. R. Garak's idea of romantic pursuit is too intimidating for Bashir's comfort. This is a wonderfully written and sensual story. Bashir gets a chance to show his spine. (54 Kb)

Stories archived elsewhere

The First Time, by Olivia Monteith. No rating given; I'd say NC-17. (64 Kb) Main page.

The Enigma Variations, by Arcady. No rating given; I'd say PG-13. A fabulous pastiche of the Sherlock Holmes story The Dancing Men. (26 Kb) This is "archived" at Google Groups, since I can't find it elsewhere.

The Garak/Bashir Mysteries: A long, meaty series of stories that have developed into an in-depth AU. All because Garak decided to borrow Bashir's replicator late one night instead of heading to the replimat. Compelling original characters, a solid sense of history, interesting mysteries for Garak and Julian to solve, and a believable, well-drawn AU situation that gives us a real "what could have been" on canon. Some of the possibilities are heartwarming, others are frightening, but all are fascinating.
The Cheap Date, by JA Ingram. PG-13. It all starts innocently enough. A few meals, a troubling mystery, and growing closeness. (72 Kb)
Sinless, by JA Ingram. NC-17. This time, Garak is approached by a prominent Bajoran to find her missing grand-niece, plunging Garak and Julian into Bajoran religion and politics. With the strange places the investigation takes them, and his own growing relationship with Julian, Garak finds himself considering some radical changes in his life. (421 Kb)
The Never Ending Sacrifice, by JA Ingram and Charlene Vickers. NC-17. This explores an alternate take on the events of In Purgatory's Shadow and By Inferno's Light in the context of the situations developed in the first two Garak/Bashir Mysteries. It also explores Garak's past and gives us much more of what was hinted at in Sinless. (548 Kb)
Meditations on a Crimson Shadow, by Jen Ingram. PG-13. Julian has to adjust to the changes the Changeling wrought, and decide what to do about his relationship with Garak. (282 Kb)
These stories are all available at Better Living Through TrekStories. Jen's section; main archive.

Choice, by Elizabeth Helena. PG-13. Garak succeeds in Broken Link. This story is a beautiful look not only at love, sacrifice, and duty, but at how much two people can communicate in a few words, given a common cultural reference. Main page.

The Dragon Charmer, by Renata Lord. R. A gorgeous vignette in which Julian prepares to make Garak lose control. The Eastern dragon metaphor really works with this story: Renata shows an obviously established and loving relationship, while through the metaphor she shows the beauty, power, and mystery Garak still holds for Julian. (~700 words) Renata's English fanfic list.