Title: Blue Delights
Author: mrs260
Series: DS9
Rating: PG
Codes: G/B
Summary: Garak makes Julian something special to eat.
Disclaimer: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is the property of Paramount. This story, written in 2000, never has been and never will be sold.
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Blue Delights
by mrs260

The sight that greeted him upon arriving home after his shift was... confusing, to say the least.

"Garak? What do you think you're doing?"

"Ah, Doctor. You're early."

"That doesn't explain what you're doing in my quarters with a bunch of blue... what is that, anyway?"

"It's imported from Cardassia. Very rare, and difficult to obtain, if I may say so."

"That's nice, but what is it? What are you doing with it?"

"I'm preparing for your birthday. I was hoping it would be a surprise, Doctor; it's not like you to turn down a game of darts after your shift. Did the Chief dislocate his shoulder again?"

"No, he's fine, I was just tired. Garak, you haven't answered my question! If you're going to splash it all over my bedroom, at least tell me what I'm supposed to do with it!

"Why, you're supposed to eat it, Doctor!"

"Let me get this clear -- you want me to eat this. Humans don't eat blue things, Garak, it's not natural!"

"You weren't complaining last ni--"

"Alright, I take that back. But I don't want to eat this. It looks disgusting." Julian blushed. "No offense. I know you went to a lot of trouble, but I honestly don't think I could bear it. It looks like it's moving."

"You eat gagh, Doctor."

"That's different. Eating Klingon food is one of those human bonding rituals you're so fond of disparaging. It's not supposed to be pleasant! Besides, this would be like trying to eat Odo. I have this horrible image of waking up in the middle of the night with a Changeling bursting out of my abdomen. What's it called?"

"Jeah'Lo." Garak placed the dish on the bedside table and advanced with a predatory smile. "Perhaps I can find another way for you to enjoy it. You can watch me eat it."

Julian rolled his eyes. "Sounds delightful. I can watch you eat my gift." He sighed. "It was a nice thought, Garak."

"I haven't told you yet how it will be served."



"I see!"

[Fade to black]