Title: His Name Is What?
Author: mrs260
Series: DS9
Rating: PG-13
Codes: G/B, challenge
Challenge: Write a story or drabble in which "Skrain" is a word that has sexual connotations between Garak and Bashir.
Summary: Bashir finds out what 'Skrain' means.
Disclaimer: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is the property of Paramount. This story, written in 2000, never has been and never will be sold.
Feedback: Any and all. Criticism welcome.

His Name Is What?
by mrs260

"Are you alright, Doctor?" Major Kira stared at the young human, who had gone from calm and professional to stuttering, blushing idiocy at the mention of Dukat.

"Ah, umm, yes. I'm sorry for my outburst, Major. Can you repeat that last bit, please?"

"The delegates will include Olana Tagol, Skrain Dukat --"

"I thought that was what you said. Is- ah," He lowered his voice and leaned in, "is that really his first name?"

"Skrain?" She watched him, puzzled, as he squirmed and blushed even harder. "Yes it is. What's wrong?"

"Ah, it's just that it's, umm. You know."

"No, I'm afraid I don't."

He tried to pull himself together, looking around and dropping his tone to a whisper. "In Cardassian. It's a slang word for -- for, well... anl sx."


He glared at her. "Anal sex," he said distinctly.

She sat back, trying not to laugh. "No it's not. Who told you that?"

He stared at her, wide eyed, then stood up and stalked angrily across the Promenade. "GARAK!!!!"