Title: Tora Z.
Author: mrs260
Series: DS9
Rating: G
Codes: Garak/Ziyal, m/m, challenge response, drabble
Feedback: Any and all. Constructive crit welcome.
Summary: Ziyal knew from the beginning that Garak was exclusively gay. That's why he was interested in him. Written for the Transfic Mini Fest Round 2.

Tora Z.
by mrs260

It wasn't as if Ziyal hadn't known before Garak's gentle, private confession that he was incapable of loving a woman as Ziyal wanted to be loved.

That's exactly why I want you!

But Garak couldn't be trusted. Not with this. He might care deeply, as deeply as he claimed, more deeply than Kira or Father believed he could. But he also hated Father, and this would make a tempting weapon.

Still, Ziyal longed to confess in return, to see Garak's eyes come alight, to hear the new possibilities in his voice as he smiled and murmured, "Zayim... my dear boy..."